Enjoy Resort-Level Pool pH Control
pH Boss is the new generation Set and Forget Auto pH Control Solution to pH Creep
– or costly time consuming algae attacks. This robust system is a fully automated
pH controller for both pools and spas, and is compatible with any pool sanitisation
system: chlorine, salt, ozone or ionisation.

pH BOSS Makes Your Life Easier

  • Eliminate ‘pH Creep’
  • Never test pH levels again
  • Reduce pool chemical use
  • Prevent sudden rises in pH levels
  • No more sudden Algae attacks
  • Maintain vital pH balance constantly
  • Reduce acid use significantly
  • A Pool Owner’s Best Friend
With pH Boss on my pool, I now never have to test the pH – and the copper/silver levels are right on target any time I bother to test which is only about every two weeks.Brilliant!

– L. G. Phoenix, AZ, USA

pH BOSS is popular in 24 countries around the world.

From hotel and resort pools to domestic pools of all sizes.

An Australian invention - the home of pool innovation.
The fully Automatic "set and forget"
pH controller for pools and spas
It has been just on 3 months since I received my new pH BOSS controller. I have to tell you, I am VERY impressed. The drum of diluted acid that I made up when I first installed the unit is still not empty, 3 months later. Every time I go to check the reading, it is exactly at the pH7.3 set point that you suggested. I have had to do absolutely nothing about pH control since I got this little gem.
M.S. QLD, Australia
We operate a 60,000 litre pebblecrete pool that is shared by 16 apartments half of which are holiday let.I would like to share my appreciation for the Bionizer and the pH Boss that we’ve had on the pool for the last 8 months.In this time we have almost halved our usual acid consumption and reduced our buffer and calcium hardener greatly as well. The pool is just so easy to maintain now and all the tenants and guests frequently comment on the water quality and how their kids just love our pool water. The pH Boss is a must have from now on!
J.S. Noosa Heads, QLD, Australia